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Strategic Partnership Promoting the design and implementation of sustainable Erasmus + projects

Project number: 2021-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000034683
Implementation period: 28-02-2022 – 28-02-2024
Project budget: € 147,241

About the project

The main objective of SUSTAIN E+ project is to develop guidelines addressed to workers involved in the development and implementation of Erasmus + projects and helping them in the design of eco-friendly project proposals, that takes into account the carbon footprint of their activities and intend to limit it thanks to more sustainable activities, especially regarding mobility. Thanks to Sustain E+, professional working with Erasmus + will be able to better evaluate their environmental impact, decrease it, and by extension will raise awareness of all Erasmus participants on their
behaviours promoting sustainable actions.

That’s why the project answers the chosen field-specific priorities because the Training Educators of Adults in online distance learning enhances the quality assurance in vocational education and training.

Project Results

  • R1: Erasmus + projects and their environmental impact. This Result will consist in a collection of data and analysis of sources of losses
    in Erasmus + projects, the development of an auto-evaluation questionnaire and a green certificate
  • R2: Training development This result will consist in the development of a training dedicated to upskill workers in the field of sustainable – eco-friendly Erasmus + projects.
  • R3: Social based training tool This result will consist in the development of a training platform that explore and deliver the digital alternatives for a more sustainable management of projects, in addition to the delivery of R2 contents.